New GENeration Videophone Security IPbase


CyberSecurityVideo phone was originally created aimed at improving the advancement of two-way communication technology in which in addition to the voice simultaneously sent video as well, so that both parties can communicate like face to face directly.

In its development, video phone technology is implemented in a limited manner to support security in special occupancy including condominium villa apartments and other exclusive residences.
That is, the tenant can receive a guest call and see the face of his guest but not vice versa where the tenant know the face of the recipient and the situation in the living room of apartment

With the rapid advancement of communication technology, analog videophone is now shifting based on digital where the sound quality is clearer and video resolution is sharper. Another advantage is the system becomes more reliable, the level of interference is low so that system maintenance becomes easier and faster.

Currently internet technology has become very fast in delivering streaming data, voice and video but on the other hand cellular technology has reached 4G and is heading towards 5G. Then the videophone technology are also rapidly adapting to ip based and support to Android apps , making users have new experiences in communication, easy set up their house utility devices and security levels as directly or by remote  through mobile phones.

ip-Gen as a provider of videophone and security systems since 1992 has been involved in each stage of its transition and development and will continue to innovate until users and customers can enjoy and feel their comfort beyond their expectations.